On a blustery Maine winter’s morning, facing a monumental decision, Nick seeks solace by visiting his father’s grave, expecting to find the snow-covered cemetery deserted like every other day. Instead, he meets an old man who tells him the tale of Lavinia and Theodore, a passionate, peculiar romance between a shy young seamstress and her star-obsessed husband. After Theodore was lost at sea in 1857, Lavinia insisted he returned to her in ghostly form, and she lived out her days as if nothing had changed. The townspeople thought she was mad with grief, and they embraced her as the eccentric town widow. But when strange things began happening, things that couldn’t be explained, those closest to her wondered if she was telling the truth after all.

The encounter with this mysterious stranger leaves Nick questioning the wisdom of the decision he’s about to make. Though Lavinia is long gone, can her story help guide him in his own life?

Sweet Lavvy is a soulful story of the sea, the stars, and the solstice. Quiet and romantic, and full of wandering ghosts, it’s about holding each other dear and love that never dies.


Gwyneth in the Garden

Gwyneth O’Shaughnessy lives a quiet existence in a sleepy Maine town. Outside her work at the local historical society, she confines herself to her cozy Victorian home, convincing herself she's more satisfied that way. But when Liam Baxter moves into the house next door, Gwyneth’s interest is piqued. From the safety of her window, she watches as he performs strange rituals in his winter garden, planting unusual flowers and reciting poetry during midnight snowfalls. 


After a chance meeting, their friendship blossoms, and Liam invites her to share the secrets of his garden. They bond over mythology and magic, and Gwyneth feels more special than she has in decades. The more time they spend together, the more deeply she feels for the man who’s helped her bloom again. 


But Gwyneth has more secrets than those in Liam’s garden. Long ago, Gwyneth made a mistake that she’s been hiding ever since, one that now threatens to rip open the fabric of her life. Hanging in the balance is the promise of newfound happiness with Liam—not to mention her relationship with her carefree adult daughter. As her past rises from its ashes, her dreams slip from her grasp—unless she comes to terms with her failings and heartaches, the deepest secrets of all.