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In March, a new novelette will be available for subscribers to download or read online.

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Flower in Sunlight

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On this page, you will find short stories offered exclusively to newsletter subscribers! 

Each month, we will ask subscribers to share ideas for quick, entertaining stories. One idea will be chosen, and the resulting story will be sent in the next newsletter.

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Naomi takes her daughter Melanie from Maine to Philadelphia to attend the bar mitzvah of her best friend's son. When a series of mishaps leads her to the wrong bar mitzvah, can she salvage the day for her daughter...and for herself?


In Part Two of "The Wrong Bar Mitzvah," Naomi is excited but nervous to meet Jared for coffee. Through conversation as warm and sweet as their lattés, they find that their mutual respect is the very foundation of their connection.

Coffee Hearts
Image by Savannah Bolton


In bustling New York City, a broken mirror is said to show people hidden truths about themselves. While Isabel dismisses it as mere superstition, she can't help but wonder: Could the fractured glass reveal the path through a crisis in her life?


Coming soon

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